Connecting You with Your Crowd: Reduce costs by filling your hiring funnel with qualified leads and retaining current employees.

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The hard cost of hiring a new employee is ~$10,000

Retaining employees is substantially more cost-effective than hiring new ones. New employees incur a myriad of added overhead that won’t be recouped for years to come.

CrowdBuilder is the custom solution that helps your recruitment team find the right fish in the right pond at the right time increasing employee retention and decreasing costs.

  • Targeted: Skills, Culture, Qualifications, Experience
  • Omni-Channel: Customized based on your specific needs
  • Collaboratively Tailor-made with CrowdSouth’s experts

The CrowdBuilder Process

life cycle

CrowdSouth is proud to announce that their collaboration on the project “The Work is Waiting” has been honored with a prestigious Bronze Telly Award. Read More


Google: Custom, In-market Audiences, Remarketing Lists, Keywords
LinkedIn: Member Skills, Member Groups/Traits, Geographic Location
Facebook / Instagram: Member General Interests, Geographic Location
YouTube: Video, Website Remarketing, In-market Audiences, Keywords

  We have constant hiring needs, and have always been able to depend on the CrowdSouth team. They know workforce marketing well, and can guide us through the process of ensuring our open positions are seen through various channels.  

Executive Director, LifeSkills Inc.

“Don’t blame your challenge, rather get up and see it as a bridge to your success.”

Bruce Mbanzabugabo