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Connecting your business with crowds of new customers through social media is what we do. Our team has been involved in social media since its inception. Businesses can no longer say, “I’m not doing social media.” without fully understanding the consequences. Small businesses get over 645 million page views (brand exposure!) every day on Facebook alone. Your competition is doing it AND it reaches a broader audience with less dollars than any other major medium (TV, Radio, Print, etc.).

Facebook posts, Tweets, Instagram stories, Pins, blog posts, LinkedIn updates, YouTube videos… the number of social sites that allow us to post our content can boggle the mind. Social Media Marketing in Kentucky… yep, that’s where our crack team of experts manage hundreds of accounts from. Yes, we do social media in Nashville Tennessee, we do social media in Louisville… but we also do social media throughout the south and all over the U.S. Our clients include well-known names in the financial sector, healthcare, construction industry, major retail and service brands, and hometown mom-and-pop shops alike. Email or call us today to find out how we can partner with you to grow your business through social marketing.

  • Paid Social Campaigns
  • Organic Social with Planned Monthly Calendars
  • Community Management
  • Brand Engagement
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Monthly Reporting

Why does my company need Social Media Marketing?

To Drive Leads and Sales

Your business doesn’t run without customers, clients, patients, and donors. We are here to help push those people to you so you can convert that lead. One of the hardest parts of selling anything are finding qualified leads. Let us help you do that systematically, and with strong data behind it to show results.

To Connect With Your Audience

Brand campaigns have been around for decades. With the advent of social media, however, brand campaigns can be closer to 1-to-1 marketing than they ever have. Your brand can live, breathe, and change every day. You can react to real-time ideas and feedback from your client, and you can ride the wave of customer praise and testimonials.

To Take Advantage of Low Cost Advertising

The average growing company spends 10% of its annual gross revenue on marketing and advertising. In the past those dollars were spent with traditional mediums like print, tv and radio. We still recommend our clients use blended marketing mix, but digital ads are cost effective, trackable, and proven.

To Increase Life-Time-Value

It’s a fact, the more you engage with your customers in the environment they prefer to interact in, the more long-term relationship you can build. Those long-term relationships can turn into multiple engagements and/or transactions over the years. Use social media to drive the LTV up, and the bottom line as well.

Social FAQ

We get a lot of questions about social media.
Here are some of the ones we get the most and our answers.

There are several ways to use social marketing. Firstly, social media can be the first stop for many buyers on their purchase path -7 in 10 Gen Xers say they buy products from the brands the follow on social media. Secondly, brand building is huge on social media – where else can you actually talk with potential customers before they buy on their terms. You can actually build relationships. And thirdly, we see a growing number of clients use it as an avenue to find talent – yes, hiring good people by putting the call out on social media.

Wrong. Often when people thing of social media platforms, their minds go to Facebook or Twitter. But, we manage accounts on a plethora of platforms. We engage potential leads on the traditional formats, Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, but we also see some big successes with LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest, Houzz, and more.

Absolutely. And, not only do they use it, they can save money and see better results at the same time. In 2016 digital advertising surpassed television advertising for the first time ever, and just keeps becoming a larger part of the market share. And frankly, who cares if you hate social media! It’s about what your customers like, not you. You give us your demographic profile of an average customer, and we’ll help you find the right social media platform, message, and ad budget to reach them.

Yes. In fact, 50% of millennials use it to research products before they buy. 73.4% of users follow a brands simply because they’re interested in a product or service. And chew on this… 1 out of 3 consumers mention a brand by name when sharing personal milestones or accomplishments. What better plug is there?!?

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