10 Ways to Increase Likes on Your Facebook Page in 30 Days or Less

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10 Ways to Get More Likes on Facebook in 30 Days or Less

So you’ve started a new business Facebook page and you’ve started to post a little but it isn’t getting any traction. What are you supposed to do now? I have good news! There are a few trade secrets that I’m going to share with you on how to increase your page’s likes on Facebook in 30 days or less! 


The more ways you implement, the better your chances to succeed in increasing your likes and engagement. I suggest implementing them all but starting with just three or four will get you on the right track!

1. Be Consistent

Studies have shown that showing up consistently on Facebook will gain more visibility and more traction on your posts. With more chances that your followers will see your content, the more they will feel compelled to act on your call to action or engage with the post itself. But you shouldn’t just be posting to your Facebook feed. By utilizing your stories function, you’ll engage with people in a way that hits them as soon as they open the app. You can inteact there by showing your face or your products instantly!

2. Create Viral Content

This is easier said than done but with a little research and behind the scenes work, you can create potentially viral content. Now, your definition of viral may be different than someone else’s. It doesn’t have to mean 40,000 shares and it shouldn’t if your reach is only 500 people or less. By lowering your measure of success (2,500 people for example) to a reasonable level given your page’s size, you can easily hit your version of viral!


Viral content can be described as something that is easily shareable and interactive. It should be relevant to your target audience and usable by those in your industry. They should want to save that content and want to share it with their friends. Use catchy titles and images to draw their eye and their search query.

3. Comment on Trends in Your Industry

You can’t expect your ideal customer to know everything, hence why they’re coming to you in the first place. One easy way to establish yourself as an authority in your field is by commenting on trends in your industry. If you’re in healthcare, write a post or blog about a new medical device. Share a post from another group about changes to insurance, etc. Something that could be important or educational to your customers and can get them engaged will enhance your audience base. If your post is the first time they hear of the content, they’re going to regard you as the authority and assume that you’re on top of your industry (which you are)!

4. Use Eye-Catching Images

Instagram and Facebook thrive off visual images. It is important for you to engage your followers with unique or eye-catching graphics. But it is also important that they are of high quality and free. Search engines like Pexels.com, Unsplash.com, and Stocksnap.io to feature categories of images for use in your social media posts. Use broad terms like “healthcare” or “construction” to get more results and then narrow down from there.

5. Keep it Short and Simple

Twitter had it right when they limited posts to 140 characters. According to Facebook, posts with 130-190 characters receive 60% more engagement (likes, shares, comments) compared to longer posts. Your posts should be no more than 200 characters long. Anything more, and you risk the viewer getting bored and moving along. Give them something of value, a call to action, phone number, or something to engage and keep them around instead of a small blog post on your Facebook page.

6. Use a Strong Call to Action

Use a call to action to explain how you would like for your customers to engage with you. You shouldn’t do this on every single post but on posts with more value or content, ask your followers to like and share and they’re more likely to do so!


Also, if you’re promoting something (such as a sale or limited-time offer) put your phone number or a call now button in your post to encourage your followers to call you right then! By making it easier for them to engage, they’re more likely to do so!

7. Encourage Your Employees/Family/Friends to Share Content

A free source of promotion is your employees, friends, and family! You should have them share your posts as often as possible to get more eyes on your content and on your page. This way you’re able to engage with local family and friends while impacting the local market through their connections. Have them strategically share your content that has a wide reach or with your strong call to action on them.


This approach can be called a “shotgun approach” meaning that you’ll be reaching a wide range of people that may or may not be your target market but this could be a good way to grow your page at the start.

8. Educate Your Followers

You want to give something back to your followers through your content. You want to be able to educate them somehow, whether through industry content or by enlightening them about something you do. For example: if you’re in lawncare but your followers don’t know that you also do outdoor lighting, run a small campaign talking just about that topic in order to get the word out! People aren’t going to hire you if they don’t trust you to be an authority in your field or if they don’t know that you’re there.

9. Be Human

Humanize your brand. Feature your employees, wish them happy birthdays and anniversaries, celebrate a new baby in the “work family”, and show off your accomplishments as a company. The more you are able to intertwine yourself with the public, the more local people are going to trust you and will want to work with you. Add a local ballgame to your stories and tag the team, and you might even get a shoutout on their social media. Support local businesses and participate in your local business Chamber of Commerce. Interact with people, and they’ll start to catch on.

10. Be Relevant

All of your posts should have one goal in mind- to be relevant to your business and your target market. You should only be posting or sharing content that relates to your industry and your marketing goals. Don’t share content to your feed that doesn’t serve a purpose; it wastes time and engagement that could be better served on targeted, intentional campaigns and posts.

By employing these 10 methods, you should see an increase in your page likes and your engagement on Facebook. These methods do have a bit of a learning curve but after some trial runs, you’ll get the hang of it and you’ll see success in no time.


Can’t quite get the hang of it? Is your social media not working the way you want to? Shoot us a message on our contact page and we’ll see what we can do to help. Good luck!


By Lindsey Martin

Lindsey Martin is our Client Experience Representative and is often seen in onboarding meetings and hopping into your email! She graduated from Western Kentucky University and joined CrowdSouth shortly after. Aside from marketing, she loves spending time with her pup, Hudson, and playing disc golf on the weekends.

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