Your 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

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Rather than gifting something that will eventually end up in File 13 or stuffed in a hall closet, why not give something more unique.


Every year companies all over the world are tasked with finding gifts that leave a memorable mark on their clients.  You surf the web for countless hours only to settle on giving a Christmas gift that is pushed to the side. Here’s our go to guide for client Christmas gifting!  Client gifts are important and that makes this holiday gift guide equally as important. These hard to choose tokens of appreciation help strengthen relationships and give your brand and business the opportunity to stand out during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

Things To Consider

  • Client Personality
  • Duration of Relationship
  • Budget
  • Usability
  • Client’s Policy on Accepting Gifts


Food Gifts
People have to eat, right? With the holiday season being particularly busy for most people food gift baskets at a great choice. If you aren’t sure about allergies of preferences you should opt for a basket that is gluten free and nut-free.

If your client is back at the office even  part of the week, send a large basket that can be shared with the entire team or department. Consider sending a thoughtful local favorite instead of the standard overpriced catalog basket of gritty dry cheese and tasteless crackers.


Spirited Gifts

If your client is a collector of wines or bourbons, you might consider an engraved decanter set, personalized wine glasses, or a bottle of their favorite adult beverage.  You might even consider having the bottle engraved with their company logo or their name.  This is sure to be a conversation piece that they will always think of you when showing off.


Gift Cards
Gift cards consistently rank among the most preferred gift every year.  There’s no shame in sending a gift card to an office with instructions for a team lunch or pampering session.  This way while their office is being flooded with holiday treats they can stash the card away for a rainy day that better suits their schedule or when morale is low.



If you think your client would appreciate you doing something good in their name (or if they have a corporate policy against accepting gifts), you should consider making a donation to a charity they support.


A Helping Hand

With the world learning to do more virtually, you may consider gifting the services of a virtual assistant.  This type of service offers the ability to take care of small personal tasks so your client can focus on the important stuff.  You might even consider gifting a maid service or personal chef for an evening so your client can take a load off.


With this selection of gifts or by simply following our tips, you’ll be sure to make your client’s eyes sparkle no matter the season!


If you are looking for ways to increase your company’s exposure online, contact our team today. We are happy to offer a no cost consultation to see if we can help.

Kenzie Jessup

By Kenzie Jessup

Kenzie Jessup is one of CrowdSouth’s newest team members.  She’s a small town girl who loves to build relationships and brings several years of experience as a partner liaison, executive assistant, and human resource manager. Kenzie loves corny jokes! Next time you see her ask her ,”How do you stop an astronaut’s baby from crying?”

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