Why Do I Need to Have A Brand Personality?

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Why Do I Need to Have A Brand Personality?

Think about some of your favorite brands. What’s appealing about them? How are you connected to them? These are important questions that a business should answer to ensure long-term success. Most people engage with a brand today based on its personality. So what do you want your brand personality to say about your product or service?

Obtaining Loyalty

Having a personality that resonates with consumers is what drives brand loyalty. Having your customers emotionally invested in your brand means you will create repeat purchasers that can spread positive word of mouth to help secure even more client relationships. 



We know that the successful brands of this decade have a high share in their markets because customers value their attributes. It’s also likely that consumers choose to stick with brands because they are more familiar with the image they have of your product compared to one without any defined personality aspects.

Characterizing your Brand

How do you choose your brand personality? It is important that you choose characteristics that build rapport and establish the overall message you want to portray. For example, a clothing brand might illustrate itself as being relatable and comfortable to appeal to the standard individual. Whereas another may depict itself as more stylish and modern. 



Once you identify exactly who you are as a brand, you can start to establish the type of audience you want to capture in the market. What type of tone or other characteristics would appeal to this audience?

Being Consistent

Choosing these key characteristics sets the tone for your marketing team. It is important that your social media marketing presence and other marketing tactics are consistent with your message. This creates a clear vision of what your business values, who your target customers are, and what differentiates you from competitors. 

Forbes Media states that we are exposed to anywhere from 4,000 to 10,000 brands a day. With that being said, make your brand personality stand out from the rest. A brand personality that relates to your target customers can make the difference between their choosing you- or another competitor’s brand. With a sense of connection, you can build a loyal customer base that values your business

So what is your brand personality going to say about your product or service?

If you need help establishing your brand personality, reach out to us! We love to develop personalities for our clients and help them put their best foot forward!


By Julie Sullivan

WKU Alumni and proud bulldog owner, Julie loves being active and taking pics for the gram at Jackson Orchard and the gym. She’s also a social media wiz!

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