How You Can Hire Vendors Based on Expertise

Much too often, companies hire vendors because they are perceived to be a big name in the industry. However, this is a flawed process as reputation of skill should always supersede name recognition.


The overall process of gaining reputation can be a slow one. But there are ways to quickly get the word out, especially if you can actually have the skills to back up everything you say.


Review Platforms


Using reviews to get both a marketing and algorithm boost is nothing new. In fact, black hat services have cropped up over the years to exploit the weaknesses of prominent ratings sites. This reinforces the need to vet the platforms where your company name appears just to avoid accusations of using such methods.


This is where Clutch comes in. At least for the B2B industry, Clutch serves as a platform where we can freely display our reviews in the knowledge that everyone understands their legitimacy. This is because the site is tied to so many other online resources like the B2B buying guide, The Manifest, that there are too many eyes on them to do any funny business.


This leaves vendors like us free to capitalize on high-score reviews like the ones below to prove our reputation and expertise.




Content is Still King


Scores don’t tell the whole story. The details the clients write in the review are the real keys to enhancing your reputation as a company. For the examples that we posted here, both our clients mentioned the specific tasks we did for them in the scope and then described their satisfaction with it.


Readers now know what services we specialize in and that we’re really good at them. Don’t just look at the score and be happy with a high number. Pay attention to exactly what is being said about your services and make adjustments in future projects whenever necessary.


If you want to experience the real deal for yourselves, contact our team today. We back up everything we say with action and ensure that you get the best possible version of your project.


By Jason Heflin

Jason Heflin is one of CrowdSouth’s owning Partners and brings years of marketing experience from his past lives as a corporate marketing manager, writer, and freelancer. He also plays the ukulele for fun, which is cool.

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