Is Your Single and Ready-to-Mingle Friend Pitch Perfect?

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Is Your Single Friend Pitch Perfect?

Are your sales skills the talk of your office?


Do you kill it in your weekly presentations to clients with PowerPoint presentations that inform as well as keep them engaged?


Do you also have an impressive single friend, but they don’t love going out to meet new people? 

With the new dating company, You Should Date PPT, you can pitch your friend to a group full of singles in hopes of their finding a relationship they can “Excel” at.


It’s a new way to find and date people who share similar interests as you, but you can skip the first few awkward moments of small talk. After your three-minute presentation, your friend, who assists you, can answer a 2 minute Q&A. The evening finishes with mingling, and hopefully, a few dates added to the queue.

Your slide deck can be like any other office presentation. Introduce the product to the clients, show why it’s fantastic, tell them what they need to know, and fill it with lots of impressive statistics.

Besides the basic facts like age, how old they are, what they are looking for, etc. the more creative you make it, the better chance they have of standing out from the crowd. What are those unique things a friend can see about them but maybe wouldn’t be shared on a first date?


    • Are they financially responsible?
    • Have they swam with sharks?
    • Can they make a souffle that would win the Great British Bake Off, you know if they were British?
    • Oh, are they British?

Whatever your friend has to offer, it’s guaranteed to be a fun and informative time for everyone.


YouShouldDate.ppt is currently only meeting in Boston but is looking to expand! Click on the link below to inquire about your city:


Photo by: Dina Litovsky for The New York Times


By Rachel Kirby

Rachel Kirby is one of our Account Representatives. Other than loving marketing and interacting with clients, she enjoys a good game night, has never met a sparkling water she doesn’t like, and loves hanging out with her dog, Mr. Knightley.

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