Communicating with Low Production Videos Can Raise Brand Value

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More than ever before, video is connecting us. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and other precious moments are now being celebrated through video chats. Your demographic is more understanding than ever that you may not have a huge budget to create award-winning videos. Sharing your brand with current customers and new customers can be as easy as…


      • Recording a 30 second to 1-minute video to post on social media or send in an email newsletter
      • Creating a Facebook Live Event and inviting customers to watch
      • Starting a video podcast
      • Send a personalized video message to high-value clients


With everything being uncertain, your customers want to hear from you. Now is a time when you’re able to pull out your phone, shoot a quick video with updates on your business, and share it with your target audience when they need it most. 


Ideas On Videos to Post: 

      • Explain your new hours and how they can benefit your customers.
      • Talk through how you’ve changed your business to better serve your customers.
      • Explain what “re-opening” will look like to your customers and how they can get in contact with you.

Above all, you’re wanting to show that you’re still here and ready to serve them!


We are currently working with several clients to create at-home or on-the-job videos to share updates to keep people informed and to keep people safe. Your followers didn’t expect high-budget videos or long, drawn-out campaigns. They are looking for information on business closings, new hours, and where they have to go to get what they need. That is where 30-60 second videos come in! Your followers will be able to find that information fast and act on it. 


As Kentucky begins to re-open businesses, your customers need to know your new hours, new menus, and new ways of doing business. Short and simple videos are the way to reach them where they are and let them know where you are! 


If you need any help facilitating those videos or coming up with the content to share, reach out to us! Click here to call us at 270-883-0157 or click here to send us an email on our contact page.


By Lindsey Martin

Lindsey Martin is our Client Experience Representative and is often seen in onboarding meetings and hopping into your email! She graduated from Western Kentucky University and joined CrowdSouth shortly after. Aside from marketing, she loves spending time with her pup, Hudson, and playing disc golf on the weekends.

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