Say Goodbye to Boring Content…


Say Goodbye to Boring Content…

Let’s face it – it’s almost 2020 and it’s getting harder and harder to create new and unique marketing content. It’s time to take a step back and ask one question:

“How can I create interesting content and reinforce the relationships with my customers?”

Incorporating pop culture into your social media and content marketing is proving to do just that. Movies, music, memes and more can be integrated into your social media and content marketing programs to provide an entertaining context to otherwise boring business information. You want to be relevant, which comes down to timing and staying on top of trends that occur on social media.

Check out these few ways brands have utilized pop culture in their marketing tactics:

DiGiorno Pizza Super Bowl Tweet

The Super Bowl is one of the best ways for a brand to utilize pop culture and real-time marketing because of the large audience tuning in. DiGiorno Pizza did just that during the Super Bowl between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos by tweeting: 

DiGiorno Pizza Tweet

The tweet went viral and gained a lot of popularity. Consumers loved seeing a brand make a joke about something they were interested in.

Houston Texans Game of Thrones Video

Game of Thrones is hands down one of the most popular shows of all time. The Houston Texans capitalized on the hype around the new season being released last year by creating their GOT-themed 2019 schedule release video, which picked up a lot of interest.


Watch it here:

Burger King and Stranger Things

Burger King Upside Down Whopper

Burger King partnered with the popular Netflix show, Stranger Things, to create the “Upside Down Whopper” and themed cups, fry containers, crowns, and shirts. They did so in order to gain the business of the show’s large fan base.

Moral of the story: Tap into emotions and have fun.


Professional doesn’t have to equal formal, especially when it comes to marketing. Bringing in some pop culture references can make a business seem less robotic and more relatable. As a result, your content will get more engagement and help you will build a closer relationship with your consumers.


Developing social media content is challenging. That’s where we come in. Reach out, and let’s see how we can help each other!


Photo by Ike louie Natividad from Pexels


By Micah Gibson

Micah Gibson is our Social Media Intern!. We absolutely love having her on the team – and she’s one heckuva social media wiz! She puts an emphasis on having a “zen workplace”.

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