Search Engine Results: 101

Did you know that search results can vary from person to person and computer to computer even when using the same search words or phrases?


Google strives to provide each user with a positive search experience delivering reliable information. Therefore two people searching for the same thing can get completely different results due to their location and search history.



Google uses your IP address to provide the most relevant search results to you and your location. This means that someone searching for a bakery in New York will have completely different search results from someone searching for a bakery in South Carolina. 

Something else to consider is location targeting (geo-targeting) and audience targeting. These paid advertising strategies allow businesses to target their ads to people who match their customer base based on demographics and interests/habits.



Google personalizes the search results for anyone who uses its search engine. They do this by analyzing your search history and the results you’ve clicked in the past. Google uses this information going forward to provide you with the most relevant and useful search results.


For example, if a user frequently searches for “Walmart” and clicks on the link, over time, Google learns that this user likes shopping at Walmart. In turn, Google will boost Walmart’s ranking in their search results so this user will see more of their listings.


If you are interested in getting your paid ads to show when you want, targeting a specific location and audience, I urge you to consider working with a marketing agency like CrowdSouth. Let us do the work for you! 


If your team needs help developing a strategy, we are here for you! We are happy to offer a no cost consultation to see if we can help. Give us a call at 270.883.0157!


By Charlene Brock

After 15 years in energy and consulting, Charlene took her analytical skills to digital marketing. She does all things SEM and is responsible for planning, implementing and day-to-day optimizations of our client’s overall paid search strategy.

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