Taylor Swift: What Can Brands Learn From Her?

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What Can Brands Learn From Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift is a household name. Love her or hate her (why would you hate her?!), she’s a global superstar. Taylor Swift not only continues to sell millions of albums in a world full of streaming but also has a very unique connection with her fans. People may fall in love with her music or her as a person, but that connection grows every day with her presence on social media.

Social Media has allowed brands to have more interactions with their fans/customers than ever. Brands get to see their fans up close, learn about their wants and interests, as well as have direct real-time communication. Taylor Swift takes the ultimate advantage of what social media has to offer. Let’s take a look.

#1: Secret Sessions

Before the release of her last few albums, Taylor has found some of her biggest fans via social media and invited them to her house for a private listening party. The party includes food, personal time with Taylor, free merchandise, and more. I’m not sure there is a better way to reward some of your most loyal fans.


You also are building life-long brand ambassadors. How many times are those fans going to tell that story and share their pictures on social media?


While your brand might not be at the level of Taylor Swift, how could you reward some of your best fans? Maybe it’s a sneak peek at a new product, maybe it’s a free dessert, maybe it’s just thanking them for their business and letting them know how much you appreciate them. It’s amazing what one nice gesture can do to create lifelong fans.

#2: #Taylurking

User-generated content is great! Content is hard enough to create, so why not brainstorm a way for fans to create it for you?


User-generated content not only can help your page’s content, but it also helps spread your brand onto those user’s friends pages and so on. Taylor Swift started #Taylurking to share photos on her social media of fans with her new album. This not only encourages fans to go out and get the album for a chance to be featured on her social media platforms, but it encourages fans to share the album on their own pages to all of their followers spreading the word even more about her new release.


Your brand could take this idea and mold it to fit your brand and goals. It puts your customers at the forefront of what you do and helps with your social media content in the process!

#3: Different Content across Platforms

Every platform isn’t the same and shouldn’t be treated that way by social media managers.


The audience looking at you on Twitter is probably not the same as on Facebook or Instagram or so on. It’s important to be aware of that when creating your content. Taylor Swift is very active on Tumblr interacting with superfans and reblogging funny memes and videos with her own comments. Fans love this type of interaction because she is one of them using inside jokes, internet slang, etc. Those comments and memes you won’t see on a platform like Instagram, where you will see the more aesthetically pleasing photos, photoshoots, and of course, her beautiful cat pictures.


When posting on social media, you want to keep things uniform and on-brand, but you also want to cater to your audience. A social media manager can help you walk through each platform and what type of content it needs.

You may not be a fan of Taylor Swift (once again how could you not be?!), but there’s no denying she’s had success with her social media. In addition to the things above, she regularly reaches out to fans during hard times, uses social media feedback from fans to impact her tours, and has even learned about fans enough via social media to send them personalized Christmas gifts.


Brands have the perfect way via social media to learn about their fans and cater to them to continue to grow their business. Why not take advantage of it?!


Photo by Raphael Lovaski on Unsplash


By Shelby Worthington

Social Media Manager. Swiftie. Cat Person. Probably found in Diddle cheering on WKU volleyball and basketball.

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