What are CrowdSouth’s Core Values?

In 2022 CrowdSouth started implementing EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) as a way to get more organized and take the next steps on our company growth journey. If you want to know more about EOS, Traction is a book that fully explains the system and I would recommend it. While we are still learning how EOS fits into CrowdSouth, one thing it did allow us to do was define our Core Values. Core Values, from an EOS perspective, are defined as “…a small set of vital and timeless guiding principles for your company”. Jason and I believed we had core values personally and for the company, but never had them defined and on paper, and were excited about the chance to dig into and define CrowdSouth’s. We met as a leadership team and spent half a day with a large list and then whittled it down to 6 core values. During this time we specifically thought about people in the organization, what characteristics they had that we valued and what we saw in them that made CrowdSouth what it is. Here is where we landed:


Integrity – We Have Integrity In All We Do

The idea here is that we want to work at an organization where everyone is a person of integrity. What does that mean? We want to be surrounded by people who do the right thing and behave ethically. If there is a client issue, we want it raised and discussed and not swept under the rug. We are truthful and honest and believe in fair play.


Mutual Respect – Trust is Built Internally and Externally Through Mutual Respect

We want to be able to trust our teammates and know that we have each other’s backs. We want to be able to raise concerns and have open conversations where we can be mistaken and not judged for the mistake. No one is right 100% of the time and we can talk about the goal we are trying to reach and how to go about reaching that goal together.


Humbly Confident – We are Humbly Confident in Our Abilities

We never want to come from a place of arrogance. There is nothing more off-putting than working with someone who thinks they are the smartest person in the room and letting you know about it. We are good at what we do and should take pride in what we know, but share that knowledge with clients and coworkers from a place of teaching and cooperative understanding.


Responsiveness – We Proactively Respond to Clients and Coworkers

This was a value Jason and I keyed in on when we started 10 years ago. We will be responsive to clients and each other. We don’t want emails, phone calls, texts, chats…etc to linger for days. We want to be known as a company who gets back to you. We also expect the same from our clients. We desire clients who are engaged with CrowdSouth and want to be part of their own marketing solution.


Empathetic – We Foster Mutual Appreciation for Others’ Feelings

We want to work alongside people with the ability to understand and share feelings. That means understanding why someone may be late on a deliverable, and understanding from the other perspective, why that date was placed on the deliverable. It has to come from both sides so that the reasons for requests and dates are clear. We want to hear what each other is saying, but then come up with a plan to still produce results.


Creative – We are Creative Problem Solvers

We understand that we can not all be artistically creative, but we do expect that we can all think through issues and devise plans to reach goals and get things done. When problems arise we don’t want to be around people who shrug their shoulders and say “I don’t know”. We want people who say I am not sure, but let’s come up with some options to reach that goal.


These help us remember who we (Chad and Jason) are, the type of people we want to work alongside at CrowdSouth and the type of clients we want to work with day in and day out. If employees or clients fall outside these 6 values, they are not long to be a part of CrowdSouth. And that is 100% ok, we are all different and there are better fits for clients and employees elsewhere. We should all be lucky enough to work at a place and with people who are “rowing” the same direction we are to reach future goals.


By Chad Webb

Chad Webb is the youngest of CrowdSouth’s partners and brings years of experience managing multi-million dollar projects to your business. He loves hoodies, puffy vests, jeans and flip flops.

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